Automated Cloud Backups

Daily automated off-site backups

What if your server crashes?
What happens if someone steals your laptop?
When last did you backup your data?
The sayings is “Better safe than sorry” 

With our automated cloud backups you won’t be sorry! Some of the features of Smartswitch Cloud backups:

  • Data is encrypted
  • Data is stored online in the cloud
  • Automatically backed up
  • Schedule backups daily or weekly
  • Backups run silently in the background whilst you work
  • Local SA servers and support
  • Lowest pricing per GB in South Africa


Traditional backups are stored on harddrives or tapes and are only as secure as the place you put them. Backing up online means your critical business data is sent via a secure connection to a secure location. Your data is protected by 256 bit encryption – which is better than what the banks use. Without a password your data is completely unreadable and irrecoverable.

Time and money Saving

Cloud backups mean you don’t have to spend money on expensive and specialized equipment or set up complicated systems. You install software and everything happens in the background.

No more swapping out harddrives or tapes. A cloud based backup system can be shared with hundreds of other users which means you can benefit from the economy of scale and subsequent savings.


Once your data is successfully transferred to the cloud you can access it anywhere on earth via the internet by logging in on your browser.

Should something happen to your laptop/cellphone or tablet while travelling you can simply log on to the web interface and access the data you need.

Once the device is replaced you can download all the data and get back to a normal working state.

Up-to-date backups

Cloud backup services work on a 24/7 schedule meaning your data is automatically backed up everyday. This is important because you can never predict when something will go wrong with your system.


You only pay for services that you need, when you need them. A cloud back up system can grow or shrink as your companies needs change.


Cloud backups are stored on fully redundant enterprise grade hardware which are then in turn backed up to secondary servers in other locations. Which means your data is safe from theft, fire, crashes and also internet failures.