Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

Our Uncapped Wireless service has been developed mainly for users who require the assurance of an uninterrupted and fixed cost service. The uncapped wireless service is a managed service, whereby the customers’ usage is monitored and recorded. The service is allocated a certain threshold for the month which is currently set to the table below. Once this threshold is reached your speed will be throttled to the speed indicated in the table below and you will not be disconnected or charged extra for that month. Hence the term uncapped is applied to these services since you can enjoy an unlimited amount of bandwidth for the month and not be disconnected.

Package Name Monthly Threshold FUP Per Day Speed Throttled when limit reached.
4MB Sky Basic 100GB 3.3GB 4Mbps 2Mbps
6MB Sky Basic 150GB 5GB 6Mbps 3Mbps
10MB Sky Basic 200GB 7GB 10Mbps 5Mbps
4MB Sky Premium 150GB 10GB 4Mbps 2Mbps
10MB Sky Premium 400GB 20GB 10Mbps 5Mbps
15 MB Sky Premium 600GB 30GB 15Mbps 7.5Mbps
20 MB Sky Premium 1TB 40GB 20Mbps 10Mbps

Customer Dashboard

You no longer need to phone or email to ask for your invoice or upgrade your service, you can now simply login to your customer dashboard.

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